Merkle cutting machines for rubber, plastics and key manufacturing materials

Roller Cutting Presses

Roller Presses Powerful electric presses which easily cut out long, large or multiple shapes
from flexible and semi-rigid materials of almost every kind and of various thickness,
often cutting several layers simultaneously. They also trim blister packs, vacuum
and other formings, and cut and crease.

Roller Cutting Presses come from PW MERKLE in a dozen precision-built sizes.
Their impressive output, economical operation and superb reliability have been admired for decades.

Each has a pair of strong steel nip rollers. These rotate and apply high pressure evenly and fast to steel rule cutting dies and your material to produce shaped
parts which otherwise would require much heavier and more expensive cutting

Key Advantages of heavy duty Roller Cutting Presses from PW MERKLE -

  • Rapid, accurate and repeatable cutting without skilled operation
  • Simple push button control, quick tool changing and short set up time
  • Nip rollers have extra large diameters to give enhanced cut quality, smoother rolling action and extended tool life
  • Durable polymer cutting sleeve on the upper roller suits working with
    or without a flat cutting board
  • Synchronised non-slip drive to both nip rollers from a geared motor
    of ample strength
  • Long feed tables equipped with sets of low-friction rollers for easy movement of large cutting tools
  • CE compliant guarding and safety features
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