Merkle cutting machines for rubber, plastics and key manufacturing materials

Leather Cutting Machines

Belt & Bag Cutting Presses, also for luggage, soft toys, footwear, etc.

Belt & Bag Cutting Press

A ’must’ for volume production at low cost. Powerful electric presses
with extra large beds which easily cut out long or wide shapes which
otherwise would require heavy hydraulic or expensive CNC equipment.

Supplied by PW MERKLE, these presses cut suede and leather however
thick or thin, bridle leather as easily as Persian lamb, and associated
product materials such as vinyl, textiles and fibreboard.

Strap Cutting Machines

Quickly cut suede, leather and many other materials into parallel strips with excellent edges. Multiple rotary knives easily adjusted for different widths to make belts, leads, collars, thongs, etc. Many Strap Cutting Machines supplied
by PW MERKLE a generation and more ago continue to give good service today.

Belt Embossing Machines

Belt Embossing Machines

With high pressure and heated rollers which deeply emboss patterns
and mock stitching along leather belts and straps. Can apply gold
and other colour foils. Can also cut zig-zag or scalloped edges.

Belt Embossing Machines

Leather Skiving and Bandknife Splitting Machines -

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