Merkle cutting machines for rubber, plastics and key manufacturing materials

The Company. Our 'Know-how'

PW MERKLE’s unique experience of cutting systems and their applications,
and knowledge of industrial materials, has been built up from the time the firm
was established in London in 1910.

Since then we have become known for well engineered and easy-to-use
equipment which can be worked hard for years with minimum attention and
maximum reliability – cutting machines which maintain high standards of
performance and pay for themselves quickly.


PW MERKLE’s reputation for knowing our subject brings visitors from many
sections of industry, from companies large and small, from the UK and overseas.
At PW MERKLE, customers frequently find standard series-built cutting machines
ideal for their particular needs and level of investment.

Just as often, newly-developed materials and/or sophisticated production
targets necessitate custom-built cutting lines with multiple additional operations
synchronised by the latest control systems. These are expanding areas where
PW MERKLE’s knowledge and expertise are so valuable.

PW MERKLE LTD. is an independent, privately owned company.

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