Merkle cutting machines for rubber, plastics and key manufacturing materials

for Rubber, Plastics and key Manufacturing Materials

PW MERKLE LTD are well known suppliers of machines for cutting to size, length or shape, accurately and fast, numerous materials used by manufacturers world-wide.

The materials can be in many forms - rolls, sheets, strip, tubes, cord, extruded profiles, hide, blocks, blister packs, vacuum formings and so on.

They include rubber, plastics, leather, foam, non-wovens, coated textiles, PU, gasket stock, adhesive laminates, paper and board, graphite, silicone, PTFE,
metal foils, wire, woven glass, various compounds, substrates and more.

The user-friendly machines are correspondingly varied and embrace manual, automatic and computer-controlled models. Each is backed by our unrivalled
experience in the manufacture and application of cutting equipment here and abroad
since PW MERKLE was established in 1910.

Cutting problems and answers

To help you to find practical and affordable answers to cutting problems,
PW MERKLE offers -

  • Cutting trials and demonstrations
  • Clear information and advice from our experienced technical team
  • Appropriate equipment from our proven and popular range
  • On-site commissioning and operator training
  • Fast after-sales attention when required

Should special customised lines be necessary PW MERKLE has the know-how
to advise on these also.

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